Marsh Academy


We have now had a Christian Youth worker based at The Marsh academy since 5th June 2017. James has been successful in setting up groups and 1-1 mentoring in the school. Here is James’ recent report.

Over the course of term 6 I spent lots of my time on break and lunch duties, getting to know students and making myself available and ensuring the students knew who I was. I have formed some good relationships and have started to mentor a few of these students.
We have identified a group of 20 students who all care for someone at home. With this group we are starting the Marsh Young Carers group and working closely with Kent Young Carers to ensure that these students get the best Care and support that they need.
I have also successfully started up 2 Christian Unions, one for Key stage 3 students and one for Key stage 4 students. At present, no students have identified themselves as Christian, but I have announced the groups and advertised in the hope that they will be brave and come forward.

Please continue to pray for James, the staff and the students of The Marsh Academy. We’re excited to see how this develops over this academic year.

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