Marsh Academy

We have now had a Christian Youth worker based at The Marsh academy since 5th June 2017. James has been successful in setting up groups and 1-1 mentoring in the school. Here is James’ recent report.

What an exciting start it has been to the Marsh project. We’ve seen the introduction of a brand new role develop into an established part of school life.  I’m really pleased with the progress I have been able to make and the relationships I have been able to form within the school with both Staff and Students. My office is always busy and I have so many students coming for 1-1 sessions or just for a quick chat. Staff too are starting to come to ‘offload’ or just chat about things that are happening in their lives. It is a real pleasure to serve the school in this way and ‘pastor’ these amazing people. I love how Jesus could always see the best in the people he was with, He always knew what to say to challenge and what to do to love. I think that is a good balance, I think it’s great to challenge people to think for themselves to learn and to grow, but show huge amounts of love while doing it. I love this school, I love this job and am blessed to be doing it. 

I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!! 

Please continue to pray for James, the staff and the students of The Marsh Academy. We’re excited to see how this develops over this academic year.

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