Christmas week…

This week so much has happened at school that its good to stand back and take stock.

On Monday we had the whole of yr7 in St Mildred’s church for Christingle. Some of the pictures can be seen on twitter. This is one of my favourite bits of the job. We get to re-tell the Christmas story in what I hope is an exciting manner, to a group of eager and excitable yr7’s, some of whom have bought their Christingles with them, others who are sceptical about the whole affair. But all of whom were in new surroundings at St Mildred’s.

Tuesday saw the completion of our first Take Up The Challenge programme of this year. This is a programme which helps young people with their confidence and self esteem and runs for 5 weeks, culminating in a morning of magic workshops, competitions and the giving of certificates by Mrs Lees, our Principal. All the students who participated this time were amazing to work with and we, as staff, saw them grow and develop so much.

In the evening we had our annual carol concert during which the choir performed so elegantly a selection of traditional and contemporary, spiritual and secular music in the beautiful space that is St Mildreds.

My study day- Wednesday, was spent recovering and prepping for the next 2 days!

Thursday bought the Fire Service’s annual visit to yr11 to talk about Road Safety which left a somber atmosphere and effected staff and students alike.

Today was the end of term, and our weekly boys group which meets every Friday morning had their annual party and film with some delicious food bought in by all. Then this afternoon we held the annual Christmas Assemblies for which the sports hall is turned into a concert venue with stage, sound system and lighting and students from all years get up to perform. The atmosphere was incredible.

And with that another term was over. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

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