Prayer Pointers for June

Thank you to those of you who continue to pray for the project in Homewood, as well as the developing projects in The Marsh Academy and the Tenterden primary schools.

Below are some pointers for prayer:

  • For all students currently taking public exams, GCSE’s or A-Levels
  • For students moving onto college or University or indeed staying at Homewood’s sixth form in September
  • For yr6’s preparing for their move to secondary school and for the school staff as we meet them this term and prepare for their arrival
  • For Nathan and Mark as they lead transition workshops, Assemblies, and leavers services in primary schools around Tenterden
  • For Christian Young People going to camps, residentials and festivals this summer
  • For young people who will not have a happy summer through trouble and unsettlement at home, worries and fears about the future, and trouble in their personal lives
  • For Nathan as he moves on from the TSCWT in the summer, and for the Trustees as they seek to recruit someone to fill his post at Homewood
  • For staff at Homewood who have completed terms of study with students and are now eagerly and nervously awaiting results.
  • For the team currently in the fundraising period for the Marsh Academy project. May ears be opened to this new idea and people respond generously

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