Marsh Academy

Over the last few months …

The school has recently gone through a senior staff restructure as the Vice Principal left for a headship at another school. It has been a bit uncertain for the school and for myself as the Vice Principal was my line manager within the school.

Christian Union has still yet to start, no students have come forward to outwardly say they are a Christian, however, we are having discussions about spirituality on the Christian Union days, with any student that comes into the office.

I am planning a trip to London for my Young Carers. Young Carers are so ‘bogged’ down with responsibility that they rarely have time to themselves, this trip will help their confidence and give a chance for them to relax. I have spoken with the New Romney Councillor Susie Pivotte who will fund the whole trip for us and is also keen to work with me to create a new mental health programme for Young People in New Romney! How Exciting! 

Here is an email I received from a Student in 6th Form who has just left the school, I worked with her 1-1.

“Hello I just wanted to email to just say thank you for all that you have done for me, and to let you know I’ve finally found the job that I’ve wanted for a long time, and I start my very first shift tomorrow, and to say goodbye really because you have helped me realise that it’s okay to open up about how I’m feeling to people and that it’s a good thing to ask about things if you’re unsure. So thank you so much”

The Marsh Academy, Station Road, New Romney, Kent, TN28 8BB