Meet The Team

Meet the Team


  Richard Dowling – Homewood Schools Worker 

Richard is an experienced Youth worker who was appointed to the role at Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre in January 2017. Richard has taken over from Nathan who spent the last 4 years developing the role within Homewood.


James Smith – Marsh Academy Schools Worker

James was appointed in April 2017 to serve as The Marsh Academy Worker. James has over 15 years experience as a Youth Worker. James has worked in various roles over the last 12 years of his working life, these experiences will help bring a variety to the Marsh project and help to develop a programme that is diverse and seeks to serve the Marsh Academy in a creative and impacting way.

James started his career as a Secondary School Music Teacher and quickly moved into Behaviour Management as he found a passion for helping young people on a more personal basis. James became Youth Pastor of Cheriton Baptist Church in 2009. James served the church for 6 years as Youth Pastor before joining Kent County Council Social Services. James felt that God had not finished with his Youth Pastor skills and that led him to apply for this role. James is married and has 3 primary aged Children. We’re excited to see this new project develop and grow.



REV Alexander Bienfait (Chair)

REV Jeremy Gordon Newson

MR Murray Wilkinson (Canterbury Diocese Representative)

MRS Frances Aubrey (Marsh Academy Link Trustee)

REV Sarah Williams (Homewood Link Trustee)