Homewood School

News June 2019

At our recent Trustees meeting we were thrilled to hear Sally Lees, Principal and CEO of Homewood say of The Apollos Trust’s ministry, “That during their time in Homewood every single young person hears the whole Christian message – thousands hear the message who will not hear it anywhere else.” The ministry that is given through our Trust is delivered at the personal 1:1 level and to larger groups in Homewood and The Marsh Academy. With mentoring 1:1 Richard encourages individuals as they often struggle with behavioural problems and all sorts of difficulties arising from things such as;

  • not seeing their fathers
  • financial strains at home
  • pressures of young carers.

Much of Richard Dowling’s time the last academic term will focus on the transition of Year 6 students coming to Homewood in September, and taking assemblies in local feeder Primary Schools.

Richard is continuing training himself with the Brentwood Open Learning Course to gain a qualification in coaching and mentoring.


Please Pray

  • For our students taking examinations.
  • Year 6 students preparing to come to Homewood.
  • Year 11 and 13 students leaving school this summer.


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