We all go through times of transition in our lives. Some of us deal with it well, others not so. But what is certain is that we will all face Changes, Challenges and Choices in these transitions.

This is the theme of the transition sessions that we will be running in primary schools around Tenterden over the coming weeks. The move to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for young people, but with the support of the school they are heading to as well as the school from which they come most students make a settled start.

The workshops we run encourage students, whatever school they are heading to, to step back and think through the move they are about to make, giving them time to reflect on those things they are going to miss, the things they are looking forward to and those that they are nervous about. Please pray for us as we head into a wide variety of primary schools over the coming weeks, and for the students who are moving to have fear alleviated and hope restored.

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